RPI CS Poster Award

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2017-04-07. 4-5pm Friday, April 7th in MRC 334 Conference Room. Groups of Professors Adali, Carothers, Cutler, Franklin, Gittens, Radke, Slota, Trinkle, Stewart, Szymanski and Zaki.
2017-03-31. Winner: Vipula Rawte. Identifying Health Threats from the Ingredients in our Food. Voting rule: Borda.

2017-02-24. Winner: Charles Hathaway. Interactive Complexity – When was the last time you implemented a sort? Voting rule: Borda.

2016-12-02. Winner: Haidar Khan. The Wavelet Deconvolution Layer for Deep Learning on Time Series. Voting rule: Borda.